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ARCEN is totally committed to achieve customer satisfaction around the world by providing quality service to top clients from conception to installation, through to commissioning and after sales support.

At ARCEN together we create solutions that aim to add value to each and every detail of our customers business needs and expectations. With 30 years of accumulated industry expertise and ARCEN’s humble but ambitious attitude we strive to tackle the market´s challenges by relentlessly improving our products and services everyday.

Nowadays ARCEN designs, produces, assembles and provides assistance for construction machinery such as plants and mixers for concrete, precast, RCC, mortars, recycling units, crushing plants, asphalt plants and control equipments for the automation control of the various types of machinery.

About Us

Since 1990.

Since its establishment in the year of 1990 in Vila Nova de Gaia, ARCEN has been serving the industry providing reliable, efficient and technological innovative solutions in the field of mechanical process technology.

ARCEN family business tells the story of an entrepreneurial firm that from its humble origins, its cubic meters of passion for excellence and its huge volumes of hard work and dedication became one of the leading manufacturers of concrete equipments selling to more than 45 countries worldwide.

The company has now grown to a Group and is an acknowledged supplier of technically innovative user-oriented products and services in areas such as concrete, precast, minerals, asphalt and more recently port equipment with solutions for all kinds of cargo handling.

To insure proximity to the client and to face effectively global competition, ARCEN Group has a decentralised organisation into other company units that were created and acquired along the years.

In 1996 an office was opened in Brazil - S. Paulo - in order to introduce its products in the Southern American Countries. Aiming to satisfy the needs of its clients and in order to be easily reachable and insuring a direct approach to the eastern countries in 2005 offices and warehouse were prepared in Poland - Zory. Next step into proximity was taken one year later with the offices in Spain - Madrid - and later on in 2008 with offices in France - Paris.

Further to its international expansion and continued sustainable growth along the years ARCEN Group recently acquired 76% of EUROCRANE company with head office in Portugal- Carregado - entering a new market - port equipment. This acquisition reflects the continue search for new ground fields where the company can place all its expertise and deliver tailored made solutions for any client anywhere.

Innovation runs in our DNA and in 2010 public recognition of our effort and compromise resulted in ARCEN’s admission to COTEC Innovation Network. Furthermore, guided by its concern for high-level quality processes throughout all the project ARCEN ensures optimal performance being certified by Quality Standard ISO9001 since 2003.

Our Values

Since 1990 ARCEN is committed to being a world leader in its field working to satisfy the expectation of its customers and prove that they have permanently a partner available to overcome the challenges they are presented with.

All ARCEN’s activity is sustained in values such as:

- ethics;
- competence;
- rigor;
- safety;
- and differentiation.

Aligned with these values a culture focused on people, on their value and qualification ensure an effective contribute to our main goal: our customers satisfaction.

Research, Development and Innovation

Research, Development and Innovation are, in addition to keywords in our philosophy, ideas and lines that characterize and distinguish ARCEN since its creation in 1990.

Strongly focused on responding to the needs of its customers, this department is of particular importance and reflects our ambition to provide solutions and products that make it possible to achieve the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our R&D team has extensive experience in the various market sectors in which ARCEN is present focusing primarily in the need:

-to identify new business opportunities;
-Anticipate the needs of customers through development of innovative solutions in the market;
-Optimization of the product range using specialized numerical simulation software;
-The creation of synergies between departments members ARCEN.

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